Teaching Materials

This is a small collection of materials I've made for various classes. You might find them helpful! Please reach out if you happend to want the TeX file for these.

      • Rubric for math presentations.

      • Rubric for math papers.

      • Concept Map Project -- currently written for a Calculus class, but can be easily adapted. Includes a rubric.

      • An Infographic syllabus.

      • A Beamer Jeopardy game for Number Theory.

Rubric for Math Presentations

This is a rubric for grading math presentations. I took this rubric (found online) and adapted it to fit my needs.


Rubric for math presentation

Rubric for Math Papers

This is a rubric for grading math research papers. This again is adapted from the BSU rubric found in the link above.

Rubric for Math Papers.pdf

Concept Map Project

In Spring 2020, I replaced the Final exam with a Final Concept Map project. I wanted to encourage students to reflect on the topics from the course and form connections between them. I developed this assignment with my colleague, Dr. Ryan Moruzzi.


Infographic Syllabus

I shamelessly took this syllabus style from Chad Topaz at Williams College. I use a program called piktochart to make these.


Number Theory Jeopardy Game